Basic Requirements / Certificates & Awards


Minimum of six class periods during the school calendar year or summer program on solar energy education. Options include individual lesson plans, projects and activities completed over six class periods or, alternatively, one large project that extends over a minimum of six class periods.

There are many lessons and projects for all grade levels you can choose from on this website and others that will help you to integrate solar energy education into your science, math, language arts, and social studies classes.


“Nebraska Solar Classroom” Certificate
Nebraska classrooms that complete the minimum curriculum requirements in any given school year will receive a certificate of achievement on or about May 15th.

“Nebraska Solar School” Certificate
The school principals of classrooms that complete the minimum curriculum requirements during the academic year will receive an additional certificate naming their school an official “Nebraska Solar School” on or about May 15th.

Places like schools such as children’s museums, zoos, and nature centers that complete the curriculum requirements during the academic calendar year will also receive this certificate of achievement on or about May 15th.

Summer programs: Schools and places like schools that complete the requirements by August 31st will receive both certificates. Each summer school program director and teacher will receive the individual Nebraska Solar Schools Classroom Certificate.

Nebraska Solar Schools will provide certification and recognition.


As the Nebraska Solar Schools program launches and grows across our state, participating schools increasingly will have opportunities to collaborate with the current organizations involved, as well as additional community partners, to bring solar to our schools. These include: local and federal government agencies, community and national foundations, utilities, businesses and corporations.

These community partners may provide their expertise, additional resources to those on this website, or funding for incentives and awards for schools such as: books, DVDs, solar energy kits, or a PV system.

A grants database is also available on this website for interested teachers, program directors, schools and places like schools to apply for a grant on their own, or in collaboration with one or more community partners, in order to purchase educational materials and / or a PV system.