Local & National Organizations

American Solar Energy Society
Sponsors the annual National Solar Tour every October in partnership with another nonprofit, Solar United Neighbors. It is the largest solar energy event in the nation. See Nebraskans for Solar’s online calendar in October for announcements about tours in our state.

Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network
A collection of free, ready-to-use learning resources rigorously reviewed by educators and scientists.

Florida Solar Energy Center
Resources include K-12 downloadable curriculum materials compiled and written by Susan Schleith and Penny Hall of the FSEC. Individual pages may be printed and duplicated for student classroom use, provided that proper credit is given to the Florida Solar Energy Center.
Solar Matters I: A Solar Energy Science Unit for Grades K-2
Solar Matters II: A Solar Energy Science Unit for Grades 3-5
Solar Matters III: A Solar Energy Science Unit for Grades 6-8
Understanding Solar Energy: A Solar Energy Science Unit for Grades 9-12

Generation 180
Generation 180 is a nonprofit that is “committed to inspiring, empowering, and equipping individuals to take action on clean energy in their homes and communities.”  
Solar Schools Resources
Solar Schools Campaign Toolkit
A step-by-step guide to running an effective solar campaign at your local schools. Includes tips, template documents, case studies, and more.
Benefits of Solar Schools Infographic
Learn about the key benefits that solar schools can provide to students, schools, communities, and the planet.
How-To Guide for Schools
This 10-page guide helps schools understand what they need to know and steps they will take in order to move forward with a solar installation.

Interstate Renewable Energy Council
Resources include the interactive Solar Career Map designed for workforce professionals, educators, policymakers and job seekers.  It explores an expanding universe of solar-energy occupations, describing diverse jobs across the industry, charting possible progression between them, and identifying the high-quality training necessary to do them well.

Lincoln Electric System
LES Community Solar Facility
LES Community Solar Brochure
To request a speaker, telephone 402-473-3284 or email: 

National Energy Education Development Project
The National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project partners with many local, state, and national organizations and programs, including Nebraska Solar Schools. NEED, which began in 1980, relies on an extensive nationwide Teacher Advisory Board to ensure that all curriculum materials are objective, up-to-date, scientifically accurate, and meet the requirements of national and state standards.
NEED Solar Energy Kits
The Sun And Its Energy: Grades K-2
Wonders of the Sun: Grades 3-5
Energy From the Sun: Grades 6-8
Exploring Photovoltaics: Grades 9-12

Guide for Schools With Photovoltaic Systems
Schools Going Solar
This free 56-page guide provides lessons and activities to support and incorporate installed photovoltaic systems into the classroom-learning environment. Grade Levels: Intermediate and Secondary

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is a national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, operated by the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC. Solar energy education resources include the Junior Solar Sprint Competition.
Education Programs: An Overview

For Students
For Teachers

National Science Digital Library
The National Science Digital Library provides high-quality online educational resources for teaching and learning, with current emphasis on the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

Nebraska Department of Education – Science
Green Ribbon Schools
National Youth Science Camp
Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching

Nebraska Energy Office
Electronic Newsletter: Nebraska Energy Quarterly
Additional Resources
Solar Energy Generation in Nebraska
Wind Energy Generation in Nebraska
Dollar And Energy Saving Loans
Nebraska Electric Utilities

Nebraska Forest Service – Nebraska Green Schools
Through the Nebraska Green Schools Program students and teachers throughout Nebraska can investigate the environmental impact of their school, develop action plans for improvement and earn badges as they work their way up to achieving Nebraska Green Schools Emerald Status. The program consists of five school site investigations students in grades 4-12 can conduct.

Nebraska Public Power District
Resources Include:
Energizing Nebraska About EVs
Community / Rooftop Solar
SunWise Community Solar Program: If you are an NPPD customer and would like to request community solar for your city or town, click here to submit the SunWise Community Solar Interest Form.
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Nebraskans for Solar
Nebraskans for Solar (NFS) is a nonprofit organization founded in January 2012. NFS works with allied organizations, schools, businesses and individuals to advance renewable energy sources in our state and to raise awareness about their economic and environmental benefits to our local communities. Nebraska Solar Schools is an NFS program.
Nebraskans for Solar Facebook
Resources Include:
Newsletter: To subscribe to Nebraskans for Solar’s electronic newsletter, which includes Nebraska Solar Schools news, events and announcements, please send an email to: with “subscribe” in the subject line.
Solar Examples
Directory of Nebraska Solar Businesses


NOVA Labs is a free digital platform that engages teens and lifelong learners in games and interactives that foster authentic scientific exploration.
NOVA Energy Lab
NOVA Labs Educator Guide

Omaha Public Power District
Resources Include:
OPPD Community Solar Program
Electric Vehicle (EV) Pilot Rebate Program
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PBS Learning Media
Student Resources
Solar Energy Resources

Solar Energy International
Solar Energy International (SEI) was founded in 1991 as a nonprofit educational organization. The organization’s mission is to provide technical training and expertise in renewable energy. SEI’s Renewable Energy Education Program offers hands-on workshops and online courses in solar PV, micro-hydro and solar hot water.
Free SEI Course for Teachers, Parents and Students:
Introduction to Renewable Energy is a six-week, 10-lesson online course complete with videos, readings, quizzes, exercises and discussion forums. Developed for students 12 years of age to adults, it includes lessons in energy efficiency, solar thermal, solar electric, wind, micro-hydro, renewable energy in developing countries, and the economics of renewable energy. Solar Energy International encourages teachers to take this course and evaluate it as curriculum to be used with students. Available in English or Spanish.

The Solar Foundation
The Solar Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing the use of solar and solar-compatible technologies worldwide. 
Resources include:
Brighter Future: A Study on Solar in U.S. Schools, 2nd Editiona report written by The Solar Foundation, Generation 180, and the Solar Energy Industries Association. In conjunction with this report, Generation 180 created how-to guides and other resources to help schools “go solar”.
Interactive Solar Schools Maps
The Solar Foundation Map
Generation 180 Map

Wind for Schools
The Department of Energy’s Wind Powering America program sponsors the Wind for Schools Project to raise awareness in rural America about the benefits of wind energy, while simultaneously developing a wind energy knowledge base in the U.S. to educate future leaders of our communities about the importance of renewable energy.
Wind for Schools Program Facilitator: Dan McGuire 


American Honda Foundation
Funding Priority: Youth education, specifically in the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, the environment, job training and literacy. Organizations may only submit one request in a 12-month period. This includes colleges and universities with several departments/outreach program. The grant range is from $20,000 to $75,000 over a one-year period.

Association of American Educators
The Association of American Educators Foundation provides competitive maximum $500 scholarships and grants for teachers nationwide. Application deadlines: October 1 and March 1. Download Flyer.

Captain Planet Foundation
The Captain Planet Foundation invests in high-quality, solution-based programs that embrace STEM learning and empower youth to become local & global environmental change-makers. Educators, both K-12 classroom and informal, who are interested in receiving support for students to design and implement hands-on environmental solutions are eligible for project funding.

Cooper Foundation
The Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations located in and working in Nebraska, primarily Lincoln and Lancaster County. Funding priorities include Education and the Environment. The Cooper Foundation rarely is the sole funder of a proposal. Applications are accepted only from nonprofit organizations that have contacted the foundation and been asked to submit a proposal.

Donors Choose
Donors Choose is not a foundation. It’s a website where teachers can post classroom project requests, and donors choose the ones they want to support. The program was founded by a history teacher in 2000 and is open to every public school in America. How it Works

Project Learning Tree
Project Learning Tree offers GreenWorks! grants up to $1,000 to schools and youth organizations for environmental service-learning projects that link classroom learning to the real world. Students implement an action project they help design to green their school or to improve an aspect of their neighborhood’s environment. The projects provide opportunities for student leadership and partner students with their whole school, local businesses and community organizations, and natural resource professionals. The funds can be used by students to implement recycling programs at their school, conserve water and energy, establish school gardens and outdoor classrooms, improve a forest, restore a natural habitat, and more.

Nebraska Community College GAP Assistance Program
The program, which began July 1, 2016, receives 9% of the available Nebraska Lottery funds set aside for education each year. Gap Program funds are distributed to the state’s six community colleges, which recruit and select eligible low-income students in eligible programs to receive grants. Student grants may be used for tuition, direct training costs, required books and equipment, and fees. “Eligible programs” include renewable energy. Visit the website to learn more about the program.

Sherwood Foundation
The Sherwood Foundation includes Omaha Public Schools as a funding category. Before submitting an application, Omaha Public Schools employees must first obtain approval from the District before submitting an application and contact the OPS Grants Director: Telephone (531) 299-9653.

Toshiba America Foundation
Toshiba America Foundation (TAF) grants fund the project ideas and materials teachers need to innovate in their science, technology, engineering and math classrooms. TAF is interested in funding innovative projects designed by teachers or small teams of teachers for use in their own schools and classroom. Toshiba America Foundation believes science and mathematics are exciting fields in which all students can succeed with the proper tools and instruction. Toshiba America Foundation grants support public and nonprofit private schools throughout the United States. Founded in 1990, with support from Toshiba Corporation and the Toshiba America Group Companies, Toshiba America Foundation is dedicated to helping classroom teachers make STEM learning fun and successful for students in U.S. schools. An application form is required. TAF uses two application forms: An elementary school application (Grades K-5) and a middle and high school application (Grades 6-12).