Adopt A School

The Adopt-A-School Program is for Nebraska educators at public and non-public schools, as well as places like schools, who are interested in collaborating with potential funders to install a photovoltaic (PV) system at their school and/or purchase solar energy kits, books and other educational materials.

This website provides several suggested steps for “Working With Your School & Community to Develop a PV Project.” To get started, click “Going Solar” on the above menu bar and scroll down. To add your school to the Adopt-A-School Program, send an email to the address below. Include your name, the name of your school or organization, email or telephone number, and instructional grade level.

Additional information that will be helpful but is not required initially:

  • Do you currently incorporate solar energy education into your science curriculum program?
  • Have you or a colleague started a solar energy discussion / development group in your school?
  • If yes, which of these are you developing or are interested in developing?
    solar PV project ___ curriculum program ___ a service-learning project for an under-sourced school ___
  • Would you like to meet with volunteers from the Nebraska Solar Schools organizing group in-person and/or via conference calls to discuss your ideas/plans?

Please note that adding your name to the Adopt-A-School Program will allow Program Facilitator, Helen Deffenbacher to share your information with philanthropists, foundations, and businesses potentially interested in collaborating with Nebraska schools to install solar PV systems and/or fund solar energy kits, books, and other curriculum materials. Your information will only be shared with our program partners and will not be posted on Nebraska Solar Schools’ website.

Once schools establish solar energy education programs, which may or may not include the installation of a solar system, Nebraska Solar Schools will request written permission from school administrators and teachers to highlight examples of these programs and projects on the website.                   

The Adopt-A-School Program also seeks funding partners: philanthropists, foundations, and businesses interested in collaborating with a Nebraska school or a place like a school that wants to “go solar.” If you already know of a solar curriculum program and/or a solar PV project at a school in your community that you would like to help fund, please contact the project leaders directly. Otherwise, to find out which schools and places like schools are currently available for adoption, please contact Nebraska Solar Schools Facilitator, Helen Deffenbacher.

Email: / Telephone: 402-553-7423

Photo: 31-kilowatt PV system at Rainshadow Charter School in Reno, Nevada. Credit: Black Rock Solar